So what is Foreskin Restoration?

Foreskin Restoration is the process of gently stretching or “tugging” and growing new skin on your penis. Over time, this process eventually re-grows the skin and provides a similar aesthetic and sensitivity improvements as an intact foreskin. This process is very similar to other body modifications like gauging your ears where using constant tension will stretch the skin and cause it to grow in length - some guys also experience a slight increase in penis length during this process. You can find some great information on the history of foreskin restoration in the (NSFW) IntactiWIKI

Does it hurt?

Absolutely not! This is one of the most common questions we get from restoration newbies. Some restoration devices look like ancient roman torture devices and it seems impossible that they could be comfortable to wear. When we tell people unaware of restoration that our largest weight kit has 28oz of weights, their eyes get huge, and they cannot imagine that amount of weight hanging off their dong, and think that it would just rip it off! The truth is that like any other weight lifting routine, you need to slowly build up your comfort levels and not over do it. It is possible to make it hurt, but if it is you're doing your body more harm than good.

weights demo

The Stealth Retainer Beginner Set (pictured above) is specifically designed to be warn for extended periods of time and many men tell us they forget they're wearing it after a few minutes, even with 8 or 12 oz down there!

While doing it though, listen to your body , if you think you need a break, take it! Restoration is a marathon not a sprint. If you feel like you're using too much weight or notice any discomfort or numbness, it's best to take a break or at least reduce the amount of weight/tension you're using. This is why the Stealth Retainer weight system is adjustable in 4oz increments that you can add on weight as your progress on your journey.

“Tugging is not dangerous. But, [the] tugger can often be their own worst enemy. I have heard of guys hurting themselves. Usually, if there is an injury it is either because the person is tugging too hard (too much tension or tugging for too many hours at a time) or fell asleep while tugging and either slept through the pain or had a nocturnal erection. Fortunately, most injuries are only skin tears that will heal in a short time. But, there is no reason to ever injure yourself. Just tug in moderation and avoid sleeping while tugging until you have the experience to do it properly, if you do it at all.” (“”)

Why would I want to restore my foreskin?

weights demo

There are many benefits to restoring your foreskin. We like to split these into two categories, physical and mental. Being circumcised can cause more than just physical issues - many men experience mental and emotional issues due to their circumcision. We believe coming to terms with these mental issues are just as important to address and overcome and the physical issues.

Physical benefits include:

  • Gliding action
  • Covering the Glans
  • Natural lubrication
  • Increased sensitivity

Gliding Action: “The foreskin provides a smooth and comfortable feeling during intercourse. This adds to the comfort of both partners. If a man restores his foreskin, this function will benefit them both.” (“Whole Your Baby”)

Covering the Glans: “The penis glans (head) is meant to be an internal organ just like the clitoris of a female. Once exposed, the circumcised glans becomes dry and calloused, a process called keratinization. The foreskin keeps the glans moist and sensitive. A restored foreskin will keep the glans covered, allowing it to be moist and lose its calloused layer of cells. The glans is also protected from the rubbing of clothing, and minor bumps or pinches.” (“Whole Your Baby”)

Natural Lubrication: “When the glans is covered and kept moist, it can provide its own lubrication during sex. Circumcised men often need artificial lube before intercourse or other stimulation to keep themselves and/or their partners from being irritated by the dryness. A moist and lubricated glans is a benefit in any sexual activity.” (“Whole Your Baby”)

Increased Sensitivity: The combining effect of all the above results on foreskin restoration is measurable increase in sensitivity and satisfaction for you and your partner.

Mental benefits include:

  • Gain a sense of mental well being
  • To make a philosophical and/or human rights statement
  • Feeling whole again

Mental well being: “Many men report a newfound sense of well-being by having their glans covered with skin. It is not uncommon to hear reports of restorers feeling more confident, feeling more secure, and having a sense of wholeness. Benefits like these are difficult to measure. They are not the type of benefits that would ever be studied by the medical industry. Generally, the medical industry considers a penis that allows the owner to procreate to be a fully functional penis. Personally, I feel a bit more confident since I started restoring.” (“”)

Making a statement: “Many men are upset that a part of their genitals were cut off at birth. They feel that it was a violation of their human rights to be circumcised. Many men restore to make a philosophical and/or human rights statement that, even though a part of their body was cut from them without their permission, they will overcome that loss and replace what was taken from them the best they can.” (“”)

Feeling whole again: “Many men report that, by having their glans covered, they are more comfortable and don't have a sense of being naked. The glans and inner foreskin remnant have mucous membrane, which is irritated when touched. Think about peeling back your eyelid and touching that mucous membrane. Not a comfortable thought. The foreskin is the natural cover for the glans. The foreskin is a sheath that protects the mucous membranes. With the foreskin in place, there is not that constant irritation when clothing rubs across the sensitive exposed parts of the penis.” (“”)

If you or a loved one is looking for professional help or counseling regarding circumcision specific issues or any men’s health issue, please visit our friend Robert Berlin at Restoring Men Life Coaching.

How much loose skin do I need to get started?

Not every circumcised dick is created equally and there are several factors to consider before buying a device to restore your foreskin. The biggest factor is how much slack skin you have remaining after your circumcision.

In the restoration community there are a few common gauges that can be used to figure out your progress along your restoration journey from start to finish.

  • CI Index “Coverage Index” - This is a scale used to give a rough idea of how much loose skin you have
  • RCI Index “Real Coverage Index” - This is a more accurate scale that is suppose to give a more precise idea of where you are in your journey
  • FEC “Forced Erect Coverage” - a percentage of skin you can force over your glans to measure skin growth

CI Index: Although a commonly used term in the restoration community to give a quick indication of how much slack skin you have, this scale has its flaws. There are not enough steps to accurately depict many important stages of restoration, especially in between “Ci-3” and “Ci-4.” Getting from a Ci-3 to a Ci-4 is a huge accomplishment and it can take some guys months or years to grow enough skin to progress between these two. For this reason, many men have switched to using other methods of gauging progress. You can find the CI Index page here - be warned it is NSFW. NSFW Ci Index

RCI Index: “The RCI was created in response to the Foreskin Coverage Index, which has been criticized for not indicating men's restoration status. The Foreskin Coverage Index is good for describing the starting point, but, once a man starts restoring, the Foreskin Coverage Index is not adequate. It seems to me that the skin bunches at the corona and then scoops forward and grabs over the end of the glans, being first a tight, constrictive covering and then gradually loosening into a more natural and comfortable stage before moving on into the later stages of overhang and erect-size covering.”

For these reasons a member of the community created the RCI Index, which can be found on this page. The RCI Index is text only and contains no unsafe images.

Forced Erect Coverage:This is a method of measuring your skin growth using a ruler to give you a consistent way of gauging if you are making progress and exactly how much skin you have grown using maths! This method was coined by restoration legend Ron Low. “There are lots of ways to declare your restoration a success, but perhaps the most dependable way to know you’re making progress is to measure Forced Erect Coverage.” (“Forced Erect Coverage”) You can find the guide for this measurement here.

To start using Stealth Retainer devices, we recommend that you are a CI-2 or RCI-2. Basically you should have enough loose skin that you are able to tug it forward with your fingers and it covers at least half of your glans while soft.

Don't have enough slack yet? That's ok! We recommend using manual stretching methods until you have enough loose skin to get started.

There are at least 6 different methods available for you to try, most methods only need a few minutes of concentrated stretching a couple times per day to start seeing results - as always listen to your body and dont over it.

You can find the list of methods and instructions from our friends at Please note that while the link above contains no nudity, there may be some images or illustrations that are NSFW in the links to view each method in more detail.

Ready to get started? Find out how to measure what size Stealth Retainer you need and then checkout the Stealth Retainers Starter Kit to get experience using the retainer, experience the comfort of it, and begin doing some manual tugging or the Stealth Retainers Beginners Weight Set if you're ready to jump straight into using weights.