“Life is better with a sweater”

Better With A Sweater is designed to raise awareness of foreskin restoration and get people talking about circumcision in a casual setting. We believe one of the biggest issues regarding the prevalence of circumcision in the US is the fact that people dont want to talk about it.

We are here to change that!

By starting the conversation about circumcision with someone in a non aggressive, well informed way, we can change the way people think about this procedure and hopefully change the general opinion of the public to see it is an unnecessary and often harmful operation.

Every month we offer new fun designs with a variety of stickers and apparel to choose from. All of our designs are based on “phallic” objects wearing hoodies or sweaters. We view this as a fun way to say “it's better with a sweater” and to promote that the intact penis as a natural and beautiful thing!